Baseus Cafule PD2.0 Flash Charging Type-C cable 2m

Type: Type C
Color - Red
SKU: A0001822
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This Isn't Your Ordinary Cable! This is a 60W Type-C Flash Charging Cable That Charges Your Device 5x as Fast!

This premium grade 6ft Type-C cable is fully supportive of PD 2.0 flash charging and QC 3.0 quick charging. What is PD Flash Charging? PD (Power Delivery) flash charging enhances power transmission with the connector cable and expands the cable bus during application. This offers a higher voltage and a current transmission power as high as 60W.  In addition the direction of power transmission can also be changed. The default for Type-C is 5V/3A. However, since the inception of the PD protocol has inreased to 60W maximum power. The result, is faster superior charging. Other Features
  • Extended single piece SR joints help prevent cracking and breakage at the connectors. The cable can withstand a 30 degree bend without cracking
  • Also, superior protection and longevity
  • 6 feet
  • Resistant to folding, bending or tangling
  • Thickened tinned copper upgraded cores provide stable low loss transmission
  • Aluminum alloy + TPE connector ends
  • Finally. Velcro cable tie included to assist with tidy storage

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