Baseus Cold Case iPhone XS 5.8"

Type: iPhone XS
Color - Clear
SKU: A0001505
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Our Cold Front Cooling Case is an absolute monster choice for your iPhone XS

It screams personality and style and would suit either a physically active person that feels they require a little extra protection for their iPhone during their expeditions, or someone that just loves their case to also express their individual taste and style. The mechanical appearance projects beauty and elegance at the same time as providing a very functional and practical application. The Cold Front Cooling case for iPhone XS offers a superior level of shock absorption! In addition, it has an inbuilt heat dispersion vents, enabling long term phone use without fear of overheating. In addition it features two ‘cooling’ areas which allows your device to breathe and dissipate heat during periods of long term use, such as gaming.
  • Shock proof convex corners
  • Mechanical appearance
  • High quality TPU
  • Camera protection
  • Air ventilation holes for added heat dissipation
  • Armored protection
  • Available in Black, Green or Transparent.

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SKU: A0001504: Black, A0001505: Clear, A0001506: Green