Baseus Little Fatty Car Fragrance - Vent

Type: Auto Tech
Color - Black
SKU: A0001480
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Keep Your Car Smelling Amazing with Our Vent Mounted Air Freshener and Diffuser! Made From Natural Ingredients Like Flowers and Fruits!

Implemented within the fragrance are a range of deodorizers! This is to do more than just superficially cover up nasty odors but help eliminate them! In addition, our fresheners are long lasting you can can replace the fragrance at any time to change things up! Also our ingredients are natural and comprised of Amberwood, lavender, sandalwood and oakmoss base notes; freesia, pineapple and lavender middle notes; and violet leaf and orange top notes. The result is distinctly citrus. Our Diffuser works to also neutralize the air.


  • Air vent car fragrance
  • Portable size 
  • Eliminates Odors, not just covers them up!
  • Air Vent Design helps with the freshness circulation.
  • Healthy and safe aroma – Fragrance ingredient are extracted from natural flowers and fruits.
  • Alcohol-free

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SKU: A0001480: Black, A0001481: Blue, A0001482: Silver