Baseus Magnet C Elbow Insert Type C 1.5M

Type: Type C
Color - Black
Charging Connector Type
SKU: A0000821
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Our Innovative and stylish magnetic Type-C cable features detachable adapter! A Great Convenience When Charging Your MacBook or other Type-C Devices!

Firstly, it allow very easy connection and disconnection to your MacBook or Other Type-C Devices. By keeping the mini adapter segment of the cable plugged into your MacBook socket, you then simply need to place the right angled connector onto it. Magnetic attraction does the rest. This saves time fumbling around for the socket – it is super quick and convenient! Secondly, it prevents damage to your MacBook’s socket or the cable through unintended pulling. For example, if your child or pet decides to yank on the cable, or if it gets hooked up on something accidentally the cable will simply disconnect from the magnetized adapter. The Baseus smart charging cable with USB-C to USB-C magnetic charging function for your MacBook. The cable can fully charge your MacBook in a 1hour and 38 minutes at 4.3/ 20V, it is quicker than most conventional cables.


  • Side interface insert design to maintain a tidy desktop
  • Magnetized removable adapter for quick and easy connection/disconnection
  • MacBook can achieve full charge in 98 minutes – faster than the original cable (as tested in Baseus lab, please note individual results may vary)
  • 4.3A, 20V
  • High quality woven nylon design, fracture resistant, flexible, firm and durable
  • High quality aluminum alloy shell, rust and corrosion resistant
  • 4ft

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SKU: A0000821: Black, A0000822: Red