Baseus Smart 2 in 1 Wireless Charger

Type: Wireless
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This super fast 2 in 1 charging disk will show you that you can enjoy blazing charge speeds even while charging two wireless devices at the same time.

It's amazing 15W power output is the key. Whether you need to be able to charge 2 phones or your phone and wireless airpods or, this 2-in-1 super fast charging base from Baseus will do the trick and then some. It also has intelligent adaptation so it will match different equipment requirements seamlessly while not overcharging or risking damage to your devices. The disk itself also does not get hot like others which is more efficient. After your phone or earbuds are full of charge, the wireless charging automatically enters the sleep mode. The look of this Dual device charging pad is really beautiful as well. It powers itself by way of popular and fast Type-C cable (included) so you can enjoy the fastest transfer of charging straight to your devices. Insightful indicator light tells you that your devices are safely charging. Features:
  • Compatible with 10W, 7.5W, 5W, 2.5W various output power
  • Double independent coil, fast charging
  • Low-temperature charging, safer and more stable
  • Light weight, easy to carry Specification:
  • Material: aluminum alloy + tempered glass + polycarbonate
  • Input current: 9V / 2A

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