Baseus Smart Car Mount - Vent

Type: Mounts
Color - Black
SKU: A0001206
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Glassy Look With Electronic Auto Lock System! The Perfect Cell Phone Car Mount For Your Air Vents!

This beautiful car vent electronically locks your phone when you set your phone in place on the holder. Whether you have horizontal or vertical slats, this cell phone holder will securely attach without damage to your vent. Just pop your phone in the mount while driving and adjust for the best viewing angle.

Includes a sensor that automatically detects your phone and safely secures it in place by electronically auto-gripping it. Just push a button to release.  The unit requires a plug-in to power the auto-grip feature, but does not convey wireless charging. Power cable from unit to car has a USB connection.

Compatible with most sizes of phones and case.  Note: this is not a wireless charging unit.


  • Material: Glass+aluminum alloy
  • Technology: Infrared
  • Installation: Clip Mount
  • MountType: Air Outlet

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SKU: A0001206: Black, A0001207: Blue, A0001208: Silver