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We are Baseus Accessories

We are a US based retailer of cellular and home accessories. We are so confident in the Baseus product line, that it is all we sell. You can rest assured that if you are unsatisfied or feel a product does not meet up to quality standards, you can return it to us with no questions asked (return policy). Enjoy FREE shipping on your order with no minimums.

Baseus Star-Lord Digital Display Fast Charging Power Bank 20000MAH 65W

Simultaneous Fast Charging For Up To 4 Devices

Baseus Blade Power Digital Display Fast Charging Power Bank HD Edition 20000mAh 100W Black

Thin & Lightweight. Portable Charging for Laptops, Tablets, Phones & More

Baseus IS Based On User

Baseus products are designed by an R&D process that focuses primarily on the end-user experience. Creating high-end quality with practical value that will not break the bank. Because of this in-depth research and innovative technology, products ranging from car holders & chargers, cables, power banks, speakers & ear-phones, all come in a variety of options to meet customers’ everyday needs. In fact, Baseus has won numerous international design awards since 2015. Our products all carry the Baseus quality and offer you a 30 day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee.