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Baseus Blade Power Digital Display Fast Charging Power Bank HD Edition 20000mAh 100W Black

Type: 20,000 mAh
Color - Black
SKU: A0002615

Discover the Baseus Blade Power Bank HD Edition – a perfect combination of power and convenience in a lightweight design. Boasting an immense 20000mAh capacity and rapid 100W charging, this power bank is the ultimate on-the-go solution.

Designed with portability in mind, the Baseus Blade is exceptionally lightweight, making it the perfect companion for your everyday adventures. Its slim profile, measuring at just 18mm, is even thinner than some laptops, ensuring it effortlessly slips into your bag or pocket for power wherever you go.

The standout feature of the Baseus Blade is its 100W Type-C fast charging ports specifically designed for laptops. Experience rapid charging like never before, with approximately 90 minutes to fully charge the power bank using a 65W charger, providing you with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Stay informed at a glance with the Battery status and charging voltage displayed on the high-tech Digital Display. This LCD screen not only adds a touch of sophistication but also keeps you in control, allowing you to monitor your power levels and charging status effortlessly.

Equipped with four charging ports – 2 USB and 2 Type-C – the Baseus Blade ensures versatility in charging multiple devices simultaneously. The LCD screen also provides clear information on charging speed and time, making it easy to plan your power-up sessions.

Power up your devices with confidence using the Baseus Blade High Power Digital Display Quick Charge Power Bank. Its combination of cutting-edge technology, lightning-fast charging speeds, and a slim design make it the go-to choice for those who demand power on the move. Stay connected, stay charged – the Baseus Blade has got you covered.

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