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Baseus 0.3mm frosted tempglass protector iPX/XS

SKU: A0001739

A Tough Solid 0.3mm Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Your iPhone X / XS Can Make A World Of Difference!

Our upgraded frosted finish is sensitive and smooth for sensitive touches and accurate clicks. In addition, it's flexible fully covered curved screen protects from scratches and dirt. Finally, our screen protector is made from high quality, highly transparent, 0.3mm thick glass to preserve screen colors.


  • Upgraded frosted finish, sensitive and smooth: Tempered glass protector with a frosted finish and a smooth hold for sensitive touches and accurate clicks
  • A fully covered curved screen: Flexible nano whole body pasting technique, a fully covered curved screen, no white stripes and no dirt
  • Slim, thin, and highly transparent: 0.3mm thick glass, preserving authentic screen colors
  • Reinforced rigidness: With double reinforcement, this screen protector is resistant to scratching and wear, and does not easily crack
  • Automatic sticking: Attaches upon contract, with quick exhaust and automatic tight adhesion

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