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Baseus AntiBL TGlass iP XR/11 6.1in 2pk

Type: iPhone 11
SKU: A0001655

2x Baseus 0.15mm Full-glass Anti-bluelight Tempered Glass is a high quality, premium screen protector. Thin 0.3mm and extra strengthened glass protector with 9H hardness and comfortable touch feeling. Provide excellent, full coverage protection from accidental drops, scratches, dirt, and fingerprints. Easy to apply. Perfectly fitted accessory with whole surface adhesion.

Anti-Blue Light filter – Long term exposure of blue light to your eyes increases the potential cataract, sore eyes, inflammation of the cornea, eye pain and eye maladies. The accessory successfully blocks harmful light and reduce the risk of damage.

Secondary hardening – Thanks to a secondary hardening process, glass has durability enhanced by 45%.

Shatterproof design – The accessory is safe even when is damaged.

Ultrathin – Only 0.15 mm thickness! Amazing protection without bulking-up the screen.

Comfortable and reliable – Cover does not interfere with touchscreen sensitivity, facial recognition, and photo quality.

Oleophobic coating – Special oleophobic coating provides great protection fingerprints, stains, and smudges.

9H toughness – Strong and durable. Protect the screen from drops and scratches.

Package contains 2x tempered glass, professional screen cleaning wipes and elegant box for all elements.

Brand: Baseus 0.3mm Full-glass Anti-bluelight Tempered Glass

Hardness: 9H

Extra strengthened

Amazing protection from drops and scratches

Full coverage

Whole surface adhesion

Easy to apply

Brand new

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SKU: A0001657