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Baseus Arc Anti-BL TG Film 0.3mm iPhone X/Xs

Type: iPhone X
SKU: A0000448

Protect Your Eyes And Your iPhone X/XS With Our Premium Anti-bluelight Tempered Glass Film!

Designed to provided full screen protection, this .3 thick tempered glass is ultra thin to provide the accurate touch screen sensitivity you need. High-quality protective glass with a multi-layer structure. It covers the entire front of the iPhone and provides first-class screen protection from scuffs, scratches and cracks. Also, A special highlight of the accessory is the black finish around the perimeter. The accessory is quite easy to install on the screen. In addition, the protective glass has a thickness of 0.3 mm. Finally, the accessory provides first-class protection against greasy stains and fingerprints of the entire front panel of the phone.

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SKU: A0000448: Black