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Baseus Audio Case For iPhone X/Xs

Type: iPhone X
Color - Black
SKU: A0000510
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With 2 Lighting Ports You Can Charge and Listen At The Same Time!! Plus Get Superior iPhone Protection!

This is a cool cell phone case for the Apple iPhone X/Xs that gives you an extra lightning port. So you can be charging your device at the same time as using wired head or ear phones.  You don't have to be using data or Bluetooth to listen to your tunes and worry about draining your battery. Perfect for the frequent traveler and when you just are not secure in connecting via Bluetooth. You will also really like this case for the tough and durable all-surround shock protection, and its anti-slip texture for added grip.


  • Dual Apple Lightning port design: Simultaneously supports charging and audio functions (such as earphones which have the Apple Lightning connector).
  •  The TPU border around the chassis of the case absorbs considerable amounts of shock, is durable and easy to remove.
  • Hard material: The hard polycarbonate plastic in the rear of the case provides protection to the internal hardware components and rigidity.
  • The design ensures that the audio case would not have to be removed when making use of data cables or Apple CarPlay.
  • 1.5A (Amperage): Ensures a respectable charging rate.
  • The case is uniquely designed to protect the iPhone's camera from scratches, as the cover is 0.3mm higher than the lens

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SKU: A0000510: Black, A0000511: Red, A0000512: Blue