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Baseus Big Ears Wireless Charging Car Mount

SKU: A0000974

The Baseus “Big Ears” magnetic mounted wireless charging system is a powerful charger and phone holder in one!

It Comes with Two Mounting options.  First, your car’s air vent slats with the included clamp stem piece. And secondly, you can choose to stick it to a flat surface like your dash with the small adapter piece also included. By simply attaching the magnetic ensemble on the back of your phone or phone case, you ensure that your phone will stick and stay in place even through bumpy rides or heavy breaking, while receiving its charge from the powerful coil induction technology. It is also worth mentioning that this magnetic companion piece is clad in nice quality leatherette for a really nice looking addition to your phone (or case) that will not interfere with other wireless charging pads you may use in your home or office. In the box you will also receive a car charger adapter that plugs into your car’s (cigarette light) power plug – this is recommended to use because the Big Ears pulls an incredible 2A power and needs a charger that will match it. You will also receive a Micro-USB cable in box for this purpose.


Compatible with QC-enabled and Qi-enabled mobile phones\ 9V / 1.67A charging speed by using QC 2.0/3.0 fast charger 360 degree rotation on vent mount Adjustable angle control Made of aluminum alloy and silicone

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