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Baseus cafule USB Type-C 2-in-1 PD Cable 20W 1.2m Gray Black

Type: Type C
SKU: A0002139
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This is an interesting cable as it provides you a choice in charger connector for your iPhone charging needs. Maybe your car only has a USB connector and your home wall charger has Type-C, then this cable is a great choice for you. When using with your home wall charger, plug in using the Type-C connector and enjoy the maximum fastest charging speed you can get. Then take your cable on the go, use it in your car and still get good speed charging without the hassle or expense of buying an additional cable. You will find it’s worth it to upgrade to the Type-C connector for charging as it really does yield faster times. This Cafule cable also feature really durable extended joint wrapping that will allow for bending without fraying. Nylon wrapped with quality construction, this cable is a great choice for your all in one go to cable.

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SKU: A0002139: Black