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Baseus Enjoy Together Car Charger 5.5A

Type: Charging
Color - Black
SKU: A0001181

Allow Backseat Passengers To Access The powerful Quick Charging 5.5A Car Charger! With 4 USB Ports Everyone Can Charge When Traveling!

So what happens when you are driving and you want to charge your phone, but in the backseat you have passengers who also wish to power their devices. An example might be on a long journey and your children are watching videos on an iPad or tablet in the backseat. You naturally will want to keep their devices fully charged for a peaceful journey! This is just one example of where the Four Interfaces Charger would offer a suitable solution, but in essence this highly flexible and functional piece of kit can be applicable to a range of travelling situations. Once connected to your cigarette port you then have available a single 2.4A USB port for your own use. However the 1.5m cable extends further into your vehicle and with it, you also get a 3 port USB extension hub (3.1A Max). This allows all passengers to benefit from the charger – easily and conveniently. When in use the charger is able to adapt intelligently to the device connected to ensure the correct current is distributed. In addition, after a period of rapid charging, the charger will enter trickle charge mode as your battery charging nears completion – this is to protect your battery. Anti-skid shrapnel design prevents the charger from coming out of the socket during bumpy driving conditions. And an ice-blue indicator light allows you to locate the charger in the dark.

Safety Protections

The following safety protections are in place for your peace of mind: Over-power Over-voltage Over-current Over-charge Over-heat Short-circuit Over-discharge

Additional specs

Input voltage – 12 – 24V Single USB output: 2.4A Total Output: 5.5A (Single USB 2.4A Max, Three-port USB 3.1A Max)

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SKU: A0001181: Black, A0001182: Gray