Baseus GAMO Immersive Virtual 3D Game Headphone

Type: Corded
Color - Black
SKU: A0001947

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Baseus GAMO 3D Surround Sound Gaming Headphones

The ultimate gamer's tool, you'll never want to give up. Stay alert to the slightest sounds and win the game! These headphones feature 3D surround sound, that allows you to hear even the slightest movement and know exactly where it is coming from. Such an amazing advantage in the game! The special sound algorithm has been developed in colaboration with Bongiovi Acoustic Labs, and is very sensitive and precise. You'll always know, where your enemy is hiding. The headphones allows you to not only hear what direction the sound is coming from, but also identify how far from you it is. Around the ear cushions help better isolate the sound and don't hurt your ears. Rotating microphone ensures your voice is clear. These headphones have 2 modes: game and music. Easily switch between the two for the optimal sound.


  • Product Name: Immersive Virtual 3D Game Headphone(PC)
  • Material: ABS+ braided wire
  • Bongiovi Acoustic Labs sound algorithm
  • Powerful microphone
  • 2 modes: music and game
  • Color changing lights
  • 360 degrees perception of sound, clear recognition of the sound direction.
  • Woven cord: durable, prevents tangles, tears and wear.
  • Frequency response range: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Cable length: 2m
  • Interface: USB

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SKU: A0001947: Black, A0001948: Gray