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Baseus Glitter Case For iP11 Pro 5.8in

Color - Black
SKU: A0001663

Simple, Strong & Transparent Protection For Your iPhone 11 Pro!

The Baseus Glitter Case exudes pure minimalist luxury and stylish protection for your device. Also, with its sparkling electroplated design, subtle color trim and transparent back, you wont find better protection for the price. The Baseus Glitter Case is a beautiful example of how a case does not always need to be detrimental to your phones appearance. Sparkling electroplated design, subtle color trim and transparent back it showcases pure minimalist luxury. Also, It's the case you don’t really know is there. More so, it exudes just enough presence to leave you feeling satisfied.

Product Details:

  • Ultra Thin
  • Anti-Impact
  • Eye Catching Metallic Accents
  • Raises Camera Lens Protection
  • One Step Installation

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SKU: A0001663: Black, A0001664: Silver, A0001665: Blue, A0001666: Red, A0001667: Gold