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Baseus Golden Contactor Pro Dual Quick Charger Car Charger U+C 40W

Type: Charging
Color - Gray
SKU: A0002129

Get the new dual Golden Contactor car outlet charger and say goodbye to just keeping up. Speed past that simple USB connector in your car. Did you know that most car USB ports run at about a 3 to 5W speed? You’ll be impressed with speed of charge when you treat yourself to this little gadget that can charge your device (actually two devices at once) at up to 20W speed each – we’re talking total 40W potential here! It plugs into your standard 12V outlet (formerly known as the car lighter) and maximizes your car time charging. It comes in your choice of two stylish colors too – sleek dark gray or beautiful blue. This little gadget is a must if you take even short trips in your car. Arrive at your destination fully charged!

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SKU: A0002129: Gray, A0002130: Blue