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Baseus i-wok Series USB Asymmetric Light Source Screen Hanging Light (Youth) Black

SKU: A0002618

Baseus i-Wok Series Desktop Monitor Screen Light LED Lamp Black (DGIWK-B01)

Improve your office experience with Baseus i-wok Series USB Asymmetric Light Source Screen Hanging Light (Youth) Black! Enhance your comfort and protect your eyes during late-night computer use with the illuminating LED lamp attached to your monitor. You can work, play, and watch without strain with a soothing light that illuminates your screen and keyboard. Take a risk and try Baseus for a new level of productivity and comfort in the office!

Power up with ease!:

The Baseus i-wok Series USB Asymmetric Light Source is perfect for providing a constant source of light, without worrying about a dead battery. With a USB Type C port, you can easily connect it to a computer, phone charger, or power bank for uninterrupted lighting. Stay productive and focused with this sleek and versatile lamp.

Experience a glare-free, eye-saving light:

The lamp's light is angled away from the screen, reflecting off the monitor instead and eliminating any glare. With its built-in 80 spotlights, the blue light filter not only eases strain on the eyes but also allows for comfortable late-night work.

Just the right amount of light:

Unleash a perfect stream of light to brighten your screen, keyboard, and workspace with a single flick of the switch! Take notes and read with ease, whether it be on the screen or physical documents right in front of you.

Easy installation:

This product attaches easily and swiftly to the top of your computer screen, requiring no tools. The adjustable clamp accommodates various sizes of components, making it a versatile option. It boasts a compact design that does not obstruct your view while taking up minimal space.

Meticulously crafted for optimal quality. :


The Baseus lamp is meticulously crafted with careful attention to every aspect. It features a spring clip for secure and rapid attachment to the computer screen's edge, soft silicone elements to prevent laptop scratches, a sturdy and stylish aluminum build, a stable handle to reduce vibrations, and conveniently placed control buttons for smooth dimming, light source adjustment, and on/off functionality.

Subtle yet effective:


This lamp is designed to illuminate your space without causing any disturbance to your roommates. You have the option to adjust the light intensity and color, so you can create the perfect ambiance for any situation. Choose from three different options.


  • white light (5500K) - Perfect for focusing on work.
  • neutral light (4000K) - Great for reading or general browsing.
  • warm light (2800K) - sit back and relax with a movie or games.


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Material: aluminum alloy+PC+ABS
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Power: 5W (maximum)
  • Light source: LED
  • Light color: 2800K-4000K-5500K
  • Color rendering index: 80
  • Weight: 480 grams