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Baseus Intelligent T1 cardtype anti-loss device

Type: Anti Loss
SKU: A0001780

Baseus Intelligent T1 Bluetooth Anti-Loss Device Tracker Locator

Never lose your wallet or purse/tablet again! Just place this special anti-loss tracker in your wallet/bag and download the app. All you need to do is press the button - and your wallet is found! You will love this compact design to help locate and track your wallet, purse, phone or tablet. It's so compact, you can place it in a wallet and use the tracker phone app to find your item fast. The device is so small, it fits in your fingertips. The Simple Tracker app will show last known location on a map, using Bluetooth to tell if you are near or far. With its one-touch object finder, you press FIND and it will ring. Separation alarm will also alert you if you left something behind.


  • Small tracker device with long lasting battery installed

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