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Baseus Let's go Airflow Protective Case iP11 Pro

Color - Pink
SKU: A0001888

This iPhone 11 Pro case is designed To Prevent Overheating and with gamers in mind!

The Unique split design allows the air to freely flow, which prevents overheating. Plus, the case is thick enough to protect your phone during a fall. In addition, graphene covers the inside of the phone case. Graphene quickly absorbs heat from the phone preventing overheating. To ensure additional protection the border around the camera lenses is raised by 2mm. Also, thanks to a special coating this case is not stained by oil or water - just gently wipe with a clean cloth.
  • Physical heat dissipation
  • Stain-resistant
  • Gaming case
  • Material: PC+Sheet metal+Graphene

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SKU: A0001888: Pink, A0001889: Yellow