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Baseus Osculum Gravity Car Mount

Type: Mount
Color - Black
SKU: A0001139
Surpass The Rest With The Baseus Suction Cup Dashboard Car Mount If you are a busy driver or like to take long trips and use navigation from Google maps or Waze, then you know you need a well-positioned car mount.  Having your phone visible and mounted to a comfortable position during a drive is critical to being able to view your navigation without having to take your eyes off the road. The Baseus osculum mount is easy to use - just dampen the suction cup and stick it to the area of your dash or console that works for you. You can also clean the rubbery soft suction cup with water, easily. This mount is not a wireless charger, but a cable fits right through the bottom thanks to our designers. When you place your phone in it, gravity takes over and the sides retract and hold your phone securely. Its sturdy design will allow use for years to come.  It also comes in 3 stylish colors, black, silver or red. Features: Triangular fixation and gravity design locks the phone firm and accurately One hand operation Suction Cup fixation is easy to operate and can be washed many times Multi-angle adjustment satisfies the needs of different viewing perspective You can operate your mobile phone freely without restrictions Widely applicable to mobile phone with 4.0 - 6.5 inch screen Suitable width of mobile phone is 63 - 88 mm, thickness of mobile phone is less than 10 mm Baseus Products Cannot Be Resold OnlineSKU: A0000701: Red, A0001139: Black, A0001140: Silver