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Baseus Silk-screen TG Film 0.3mm iPhone X/Xs

Type: iPhone X
SKU: A0000451

Silk Tempered Glass Screen Protector For The iPhone X/XS Is Tough As Diamonds But Smooth As Silk!

The 0.3mm Silk-Screen Tempered Glass Screen Protector creates a seamless connection with your iPhone X/XS that extends right into the corners for maximum protection. Also, it also helps prevent dust build-up and cracking. This screen protector boasts 5 layers of compression: Each layer provides an added reinforcement to protect the screen of your precious iPhone. In addition, our enhanced film is created from a 6 hour tempering process which results in anti-explosion properties and added strengthening. Finally, the plasma vacuum top coating maintains transparency with its anti-oil and anti-fingerprint properties.


  • Ultra Slim Form Factor
  • Perfect transparency
  • Curved 3D edges
  • Oleophobic nano-coating
  • Increased strength - 9H
  • 0.3 mm thickness.

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