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Baseus Simple Case With Plug - iPhone X

Type: iPhone X
Color - Red
SKU: A0000238

This simple case for iPhone x is made from durable yet flexible quality German TPU material.

This sleek and clean design case features a small notched covering for the charging port to keep out debris and dirt. If you're one to keep your phone in your pocket or cluttered purse, you might enjoy this port protection. It is transparent but comes in several different color tints to match your style and decor. The flexible TPU material and extra thick corners helps protect and cushion your phone in a fall and lends an added layer of security against damage.  


  • Transparent gel cover made of the highest quality TPU.
  • The material has a high resistance to scratches, and dirt and lint attraction, and fingerprints
  • The integrated buttons and the plug for the charging port block the dirt under the cover.
  • Small cut-out for attaching a strap.

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SKU: A0000237: Clear, A0000238: Red, A0000239: Blue, A0000496: Black