Baseus Universal Gel Pad

Type: Mount
Color - Black
SKU: A0001287
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The Strongest & Most Useful Tacky Wall/Dashboard Mount & Cord Organizer On The Market

One of the core principles behind product design at Baseus is to develop items that can make your life easier. The universal gel pad follows this principle. It is a highly versatile, portable utility device that can be used almost anywhere. Essentially the magic nano technology embedded within the gel pads allows you to stick and remove them again without leaving any residue. The applications of this idea are endless but here are some examples of how you might use them: Place your phone ANYWHERE! You can mount it on the wall, on the bathroom mirror, in the kitchen while you cook, beside your bed, and so on. Organize your office Tidy up your cables or keys Mount your phone or other devices/decorations within your car Collect and store gadgets, earphones and so on The gel pad itself is easily maintained by washing with clean water – this keeps its sticky for further use. It is also very strong and can hold items upside down if required. It is resistant to higher temperatures and will not melt or bend out of shape, meaning it can be practical to mount your phone in the car.

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SKU: A0001287: Black, A0001288: Clear