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Baseus Universal Gel Pad

Type: Mount
Color - Black
SKU: A0001287

Baseus Universal Gel Pad - Make Your Life Easier With This Versatile and Portable Utility Device! The Strongest Tacky Wall/Dashboard Mount, Cord Organizer & More! A must-have for anyone looking to simplify their daily routine. With its magic nano technology, this gel pad allows you to stick and remove items without leaving any residue. Use it to place your phone ANYWHERE - on the wall, bathroom mirror, kitchen, by your bed, and more. Perfect for organizing your office, tidying up cables or keys, mounting devices or decorations in your car, collecting and storing gadgets and earphones. The gel pad is easily maintained by washing with clean water, ensuring it remains sticky for repeated use. Its strength and ability to hold items upside down make it a practical solution for mounting your phone in the car. Don't miss out on this game-changing product from Baseus!


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SKU: A0001287: Black, A0001288: Clear