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Baseus virtual 3D gaming earphone H08

Type: Corded
Color - Gray
SKU: A0001360

If you are a gamer looking for that competitive edge, then you want these Baseus GAMO 3D earphones.

Whether it's gaming online or watching a movie on your tablet, these little earbuds pack a powerful technology. Pinpointing in-game enemies locations with accuracy, or hearing that multi-level harmony of a movie soundtrack. With GAMO’s graphene drivers you hear everything and every frequency on the spectrum. This means that the low end sounds are punchy, the mid-range sounds are clear, and the high frequencies are sharp without and tininess.


  • 3 Gaming Modes – 3D gaming mode, 3D cinema mode, and music mode for all your listening needs.
  • Multi-platform support – Use GAMO with any audio device with a 3.5mm output
  • Hi-Fidelity – Designed with the audiophile in mind.
  • Ultra Comfort – You’ll hardly notice the tiny 26mm earbud while gaming or listening for hours.
  • Durable – GAMO is built tough and is ready to handle even your most intense gaming sessions.
  • i-TALK (TM) – High quality microphone for crystal clear communication.

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