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Baseus Waterdrop Cable Micro 4A 1m

Type: Mirco
SKU: A0001807

Fully charge your phone Fast And Safe With Our Waterdrop Micro Charging Cable!

Capable of delivering super fast charging through compatible Micro charging ports, now you don’t even need to wait long for your phone to be charged. The more powerful smartphones are becoming, the more power is required to run them. The more power required to run them means they need bigger and smarter batteries. When we are using our phones constantly, for music, photos, social media, web browsing this ultimately drains the battery. Gone are the days where we can simply place our phones on charge at night. It has built in safety protections with dual chips that intelligently distribute the current and over heat protection.


  • 4A output, charge and sync your device at fast speed
  • Design of water drop indicator lamp, make it easy to use at night
  • Easy plugging, two-way quick charge
  • High density nylon knitted outer cover, high quality thickened copper core, strong and durable
  • Material: zinc alloy + polyester woven fabric
  • Output current: 20W/4A
  • Transmission speed: 480Mbps
  • Length: 3ft

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