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Baseus Waterdrop Cable Type-C to iP PD 18W 1.3m

Type: Lightning
SKU: A0001935

Fully charge your iPhone Fast And Safe With Our PD 18W Type-C Cable!

The more powerful smartphones are becoming, the more power is required to run them. The more power required to run them means they need bigger and smarter batteries. When we are using our phones constantly, for music, photos, social media, web browsing this ultimately drains the battery. Gone are the days where we can simply place our phones on charge at night. You will likely need to charge your phone at least some point in the course of your day. And when you really need a charged phone, waiting for that charge to happen can be a real inconvenience. All the more reason to have the maximum speed charging accessories at the ready. This cable is capable of delivering super fast charging through compatible Micro charging ports, now you don’t even need to wait long for your phone to be charged. It has built in safety protections with dual chips that intelligently distribute the current and over heat protection.

Additional Features:

  • First, It supports 18W current for fast charge and efficient transmission
  • Second, Cable head with arc-shaped and SR design, tough bending and fracture-resistant is not easy to break
  • With the intelligent clip and standard 56K resistor, charge safely
  • Also, High-quality woven nylon material, anti-knotting, bending-resistant, firm and more durable
  • Finally, Aluminum alloy shell is not rusty and corrosion-resistant

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