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7 New iPhone 12 Charging Products You Can’t Do Without

7 New iPhone 12 Charging Products You Can’t Do Without

7 New iPhone 12 Charging Products You Can’t Do Without

The iPhone 12’s have new charging requirements and Baseus has released some new tech to keep you charging at optimal speed and performance while not breaking the bank. Stick with me as I give you question and answer advice on how to navigate the new Apple product charging needs. This will be fun, right?!

The release of the new iPhone 12 is awesome isn’t it? I mean iPhone 12 brings the first Apple cell phone that can utilize fast 5G speeds so it is really revolutionary. What’s not so great is that, unlike in models past, Apple declined to include a wall adapter / charger and that can lead to rather disappointing charging performance if you try to use your old white cube that came with your iPhone 7. 

Let’s face it if you’re still using the little white cube, it’s time for you to travel to the 21st century (that’s NOW by the way) and explore the world of charging upgrades!  Yes, imagine for yourself that there is a whole new world out there full of endless charging equipment that far surpasses that little white cube.

To start you may have some basic questions – we get that – let’s see if we can give you a quick education Q & A style, shall we?

Why doesn’t the new iPhone 12 come with a little white cube like it always has? 

That’s because the little white cube is kind of inferior for this new phone. Your new 5G capable phone simply requires a more robust charger (or wall adapter, whatever you want to call it is fine) Why Apple didn’t spring for it and include it in box is a mystery to us, but no worries, we have what you need.

Solution: Buy this, here. This charger and cable set are made for each other and for under $15 you literally cannot buy anything that is a better value. You don’t have to ask questions, this charger and cable will simply charge your new iPhone 12 (and all varieties) at the fastest most optimal speeds it is configured for. That’s about 30 minutes for a full charge – give or take.

Can I charge my new iPhone 12 wirelessly? Do you sell those too?

YES you can and YES we do!  The Baseus Simple Magnetic Wireless Charger for iPhone 12 features precisely placed internal magnets to best match up to the charging sensors in the phone and create an optimal wireless connection with less fumbling to find “the magic spot”.  Take a look, here.

Does the new iPhone 12 feature unbreakable or drop-proof glass? 

What do you think? Get a case – always use a case and screen protector. Check out these we have available now for the mini and regular – with more varieties coming soon.

Tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 12 mini

Tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Tempered glass case for iPhone 12 mini

Shining Flex Case for iPhone 12

With all these new charging requirements on the iPhone 12, will using old chargers even work?

Great question! Glad you asked!! Using old chargers and low speed cables isn’t advised. They simply cannot supply the phone with enough charge (or fast enough) to be effective. They might even harm the charging mechanism on your new phone over time.

Just follow our motto: “New Phone New Charger”  Ideally you want to look for cables that feature 18W-20W charging speed and an adapter (wall unit) that boasts at least 20W amperage speed. If you are forced due to circumstances to use an old cable or charger once or twice you’ll probably be fine but be warned you WILL experience slow charging times so I hope you’re not in a hurry. 

Will I need to upgrade my power bank too?

Probably – yes definitely if your last power bank was bought from a bin next to the sugarless gum in your neighborhood drug store circa 2015. To maximize power bank charging look for 20w or higher and 10000mAh or more.  This is a good one.

That’s it folks! Happy charging and just shoot us an email to if you have any other questions. We’re here to help!