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Baseus Q & A – Can someone tell me about power banks?

Baseus Q & A – Can someone tell me about power banks?

Baseus Q & A – Can someone tell me about power banks?

Are power banks worth it?

The short answer. Yes! The longer answer… power banks are a must have if you’re frequently traveling or someone who goes through a full charge more than daily – having a power bank at the ready can be a game changer, and lifesaver, when you need a charge. Power banks allow you to charge any USB-charged device such as cellphones, tablets, cameras, gaming devices, laptops, Smart Watches and even laptops if your power bank is big enough. This “Charge no matter where you are” convenience makes a good power bank worth every penny. Cheap power banks tend to lose their power over time but the Baseus power banks are of higher quality and last for years. In stand-by mode they can hold a charge for 6 months. Lower quality power banks tend to lose their charge in 4 to 6 weeks.

Power Banks are just the thing to have on hand if the power goes out or you need an emergency charge.


Which Power Bank Is Better 10000mAh or 20000mAh or more than that?

20000mAh is better if you need more power for longer. And the 10000mAh is better if you need a thinner, lighter power bank. Baseus has you covered. The Baseus Mini Q 10000mAh power banks gives you that small size and lightness you need when hiking or on short trips. While the Baseus Mini QC 20000mAh holds more power for longer and will fully charge your device more times on one charge than the 10000 power bank.


Best Power Banks?

The Baseus Amblight QC/PD Digital Display 30000mAH Power Bank has everything you need in a power bank at an affordable price. With 4 USB outport ports, and including 3 import types: Micro, Type-C and Lighting. Giving you every option under the sun!  Includes PD & QC Fast Charging technology and a super-high 30000mAh power storage capacity. Giving you long lasting power and more charges when you need it the most!

  • Super-high capacity
  • 3 inputs / 5 outputs: it supports three input ports of Micro/Type-C/Lightning and five output ports of 4 USB/Type-C
  • PD 3.0 fast charging + QC3.0 quick charge
  • LED digital display
  • Power: 33W
  • Smaller than similar power banks with the same capacity, just a little bigger than a cell phone
  • 5 devices can be charged at the same time without affecting the charging speed
  • 4 USB, 1 Type-C (1 USB quick charge, 1 Type-C PD3.0 fast charging)
  • Digital display shows battery power left, voltage and current
  • Provides 18W efficient charging for laptops with Type-C PD cable
  • Anti-scratch, anti-fingerprints surface