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Content Creators Need Power!

Content Creators Need Power!

Content Creators Need Power!

…and by Power I mean power banks and cables

What is the connection between Content Creators and power (on demand)? It may be obvious to some, but incredibly I see so many creators that are in the middle of doing “their thing” and become desperate to look for a plugin or find somebody nearby that can help them. And I wonder – why aren’t they hip to carrying their own backup power, so they can continue to do their art rather than have to turn their messaging to the hunt for power? Let me give you an example.

I’m a recent convert to TikTok. I just think it’s a fun space for people to express their creativity and witty commentary on life’s events. FULL of creators and creativity – and I love it for that. I like it when I come across a Father-daughter synchronized dance; a spirited Husky howling at the top of his lungs, just because; or pet parrot in full rant mode with his human Daddy after a day of doing parrot things – whatever – I love it all. I also enjoy some TikTok LIVE REELS too, and have become a little obsessed with some of the folks that play slots machines live. I enjoy the lead up, chase and thrill of a win, but what I really enjoy is not having to plunk my own money down to try and hit the big one. All of the emotional reward without any of the financial risk – I like it! Honestly, I just find it mesmerizing. But I have also seen a continual theme with almost all of these TikTok’ers – none of them have a plan for backup power. While running around a casino on their battery hogging smart phone, filming every step and every spin, nearly all of them at some point are in jeopardy of having to stop their broadcast unless and until they find a plug (that works) in the casino they are at. I hear it all the time! “Oh gosh I need to plug in because my phone is about to die”.

The truth is I didn’t always use a power bank. During the pandemic, like the rest of us all, I was either in my car or in my home. I had steady and reliable access to power at all times. But I also had several 10 foot cables strung throughout my house (thanks Baseus!). I was constantly unplugging a charger from one outlet and carrying it over to the outlet I needed it to be at. Then one day it hit me – I have this handy Baseus power bank in my purse (formerly for emergency situations while away from home) and I could just be using that for a quick jolt of portable power. So I did! I started plugging into that little bank when I was at 19% charge and AMAZING, in a matter of minutes I was catapulted to 70% power – because power banks usually charge way faster than conventional outlet chargers by the way.  I could even continue to use my phone while charging without any loss of freedom. Slip the bank into my pocket so I can have a recipe up and open while cooking in the kitchen and simultaneously charging up my phone.

Now I constantly use this small power bank inside my home and when I’m not sitting next to a plug.  I can continue to work – because we do WORK on our phones these days. And even if you don’t think of TikTok as work, the truth is all these guys on TikTok are making money and really working hard to increase their viewers, followers, gifters, etc. They are mostly just regular people, with day jobs, who just enjoy becoming a modern-day content creator. But no one has helped them with the production of their broadcasts.  If they were an evening news anchor on network television they would have a staff of producers who would think of and take care of all these kinds of details for them – your mic pack would never die while on-air. But times have changed and to be a content creator means you are working alone, and on the fly. And that’s all part of the content too – the spontaneity of it. It’s all good – until your phone dies.

It makes me wonder though, are other people using and utilizing portable power like I do? Is it merely because I do this for a living that my brain goes there? If that is the case, then it will become my sole mission to spread the word of the benefits of carrying your own backup power. I shall shout it from rooftops. I will echo it in canyons. Get a power bank people!! It’s a game changer…changer…changer!!!”

To learn more about the types of power banks, what the watts and milli-amps mean, and all other techy questions you may want to research before making your purchase, check out our other blog post all about power banks or this one about traveling with power banks.

But before I go let me give you one super easy recommendation for a good, powerful but portable, power source to buy. Check out the one I use here. And let’s not forgot about the cable part of this equation. If you’re doing anything on your phone while needing to charge, a tiny short cable is probably not going to work out for you. You’re going to need a 1 meter or even a 2 meter (6 feet-ish) so you can have freedom of movement and if you just tuck the power bank itself in your pocket or purse while on the move, the longer cable will allow you that movement ability.

Check out all our power banks – and cables, here at and be prepared to keep the LIVE, well… LIVE!